Mido Mutifort Series Black Rubber Strap Fake Watches Hot Sale

Inspiration to confirm as the eternal Mido Mutifort Series Replica Watches concept, not a series of wrist watch has a creative inspiration.Mido Mutifort series wrist watch is built on the Sydney harbour bridge two years later, the degree of adhering to the harbour bridge design essence, implementation process finely crafted and ultimate pursuit on the performance, new Mutifort series wrist watch.


Mido Mutifort series wrist watch since its launch, has always been recognized representatives of high quality, the helmsman series timer with a strong performance, it is completely Mido Waterproof High Quality Replica Watches, antimagnetic and shockproof ability and self winding four big advantages.


Wrist watch case used for gold plated stainless steel watchcase, USES the vacuum ion plating technology, watch the 44 mm large diameter table design, tie-in Mido Black Rubber Strap Fake Watches.Wrist watch dial design 3, 6, 9 and 12 o ‘clock position full neat, echo each other at a distance, the timing clock display panel and display window perfect present date, week.

A Face Every Mother Can Love, Four Nacre Dials Replica Watches

A dial made from mother of pearl is true métier d’art, with the entire procedure involving numerous steps embracing artistic techniques. Any timepiece using this enchanting material as a dial truly has an identity of its own. To construct a mother-of-pearl dial Rolex replica watch is also a technical feat, as it is a brittle substance and has to be a very thin sheet when used as a cheap replica watch dial, imaginably it is easy to break.


Now, it just happens that nature has made organic-inorganic composite material an enchanting kaleidoscope of a play colour hues and the Swiss watchmakers are making full use of its natural beauty. Molluscs secrete nacre as a protection for their shells. Continuous deposits in the inner shell form iridescent layers of nacre, or more well-known as mother-of-pearl. In this age where ‘standing apart’ is the new trend, mother-of-pearl dials are much sought after by women Replica Watches for sale connoisseurs. Thus, watchmakers indulge and find innovative ways to showcase this beautiful gift of nature in various formats with different artistic techniques: engraving, polishing, monograms, hand painted and more.


Audemars Piguet is certainly no stranger to the realm of haute horlogerie. Assigning a dainty charm to the Ladies Millenary timepiece, the brand from Vallée de Joux, picks pink gold hands adding that extra touch of sophistication to the stylish off-centered white mother-of-pearl disc, and the small seconds nacre counter. Polished to perfection, bringing out that opalescent character connected with nacre.


The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 4936J: G is made in 18-carat white gold case and diamond-set bezel. Driven by caliber 324 S QA LU automatic winding movement, the timepiece has between 35 and 45 hours of power reserve. The shimmering black Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial features gold applied Roman numerals. With an Annual Calendar function, two sub-dials indicate the day and month by hands, whereas the date is seen in an aperture. Moon phases and a sweep seconds hand are additional features against the special dial.


Blancpain, well known in the men’s replica Rolex watch world, is also a creator of fake Rolex watches for women with self-winding movements since 1930. The new Chronograph Grande Date by the watchmaker from the Joux Valley in the Jura mountains, chooses white mother-of-pearl face, making the double-disc large date display showing through twin aperture windows at 6 o’clock, look very chic. Even the off-centered time display subdial is made of mother-of-pearl, featuring Roman hour and minute numerals. The 18-carat red gold case houses the Blancpain Calibre 26F8G movement.


The Arnold & Son HM Flower Special Editions is a series of four models which comes in a limited edition of only 8 pieces per model. The most striking feature of the timepiece (see image), of course, is the delicate hand-painted miniature design of a rich magenta-coloured orchid in full bloom, which stands out against the glistening natural white mother-of-pearl dial.

The Panerai PAM 615 Luminor Submersible Flyback Titanio – Replica Watches Better

A few weeks ago, I received the Panerai PAM 615 (or Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automaic Titanio in full) for a hands-on review. This Panerai PAM615 as well as its brother with a titanium bezel, the PAM 614, were introduced in Geneva earlier this year. I’ve had a couple of replica watches for sale myself and we’ve done reviews on several models in the past, but it is the first time I actually tried and tested te Panerai Submersible for a longer period.

Replica Watches – Panerai PAM 615 Review


 Operating the Panerai PAM 615

Even though the Panerai PAM 615 has a 47mm diameter and is – by all means – a big watch, it didn’t shock me when I strapped it on my wrist. I don’t have very big wrists, but I could handle the Submersible without problems. The Panerai signed rubber strap ensures a proper fit and prevents the watch from (annoyingly) sliding on your wrist. Operation of the watch is rather easy, the crown is used to set or correct the time and the two pushers (located at 10 o’clock and 8 o’clock) are used to start, stop and reset the chronograph.

Panerai uses an in-house developed caliber P.9100 for the PAM 615. This column-weel chronograph movement consists of 302 components and has a 3 day power reserve. Furthermore, as the official model name implies, the chronograph has a flyback feature. A flyback function means that you can reset the chronograph and start it again with one push of the button (located at 8 o’clock) without having to stop the chronograph first. The flyback chronograph therefore saves a bit of time compared to stopping the chronograph first, push the reset button and then press start again. For crucial timing this might come in handy.replica watches for rolex

Furthermore, this in-house developed caliber P.9100 features a central chronograph minute hand and two small registers (at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock): the regular seconds and a 12-hour totalizer. Personally, I love the look of two-register chronographs and I am happy to see that more brands are using this lay-out in modern watches.

Of course, this Panerai Luminor has the trademark crown to ensure water resistance. The Panerai PAM 615 is resistant to 30 bar (approximately 300 meters) and due to the use of a rubber strap, you are ready at all times to enter the water. I didn’t of course, but I have no doubts that this watch goes deeper into the water than I am capable of.

Submersible Case

As written above, the case of the Panerai PAM 615 Submersible is big with its 47mm diameter. I had two 44mm Luminor models in the past and tried a 45mm Radiomir at some point, and already thought those were on the limit of what my wrist could handle. However, if there something I’ve learnt over the years is that specifications are only on paper. You need to try a swiss replica watches on the wrist in order to check if it is suitable for you. The Panerai PAM 615 has certainly a lot of presence when worn on the wrist, not only due to the large case but also because of the big rubber strap and Pre-Vendome style buckle. I received actually one comment from a non-watch person, telling me that this was one tough looking watch. It surely is.

The finish on the titanium case is very nice, a lot of surfaces are matt brushed and by doing this in various directions, per surface, it really looks awesome. No need for a lot of polishing on divers watches in my opinion, although this never disturbed me on the Panerai Luminor Marina models I had myself.

On the titanium caseback of the Panerai PAM 615 is no sapphire crystal (+1) but instead an engraving of a submersible and the place where the original workshop was founded in 1860: Florence. As you can see on the image below, the lugs have these little spring mechanisms in place that need to be pushed with a little tool to have the strap removed. I have seen a similar mechanism in the bracelet of my IWC Ingenieur 3227-01 if my memory serves me correctly.

 On top of the Submersible case is the bi-directional bezel. This Panerai PAM 615 has a matt black ceramic bezel. What surprised me, is that the Submersible I had for review had two small nicks on the bezel, showing a metal color underground. I don’t know the exact specifications and characteristics of ceramics, but perhaps the ceramic inlay of the bezel is rather thin. Ceramics can be scratched though, that much was clear to me when observing this watch. The bezel feels very solid and there was no play detected. The bezel has clear markings for every 5 minutes and the ’15’, ’30’ and ’45’ markers are engraved with an Arabic numeral to be able to quickly identify the remaining diving time.

  Panerai PAM 615 Dial and Handssummer rolex replica watches

I already talked about the two-register chronograph and how much I like that configuration. The large black dial is very readable and legible. Big round hour luminous hour markers and an Arabic ’12’ and ‘6’. The small chronograph hour recorder located at 3 o’clock also used Arabic numerals for the ’12’, ‘3’, ‘6’ and ‘9’. The ‘6’ and ‘9’ digits are ‘open’, like the ones on the date disc of my vintage Rolex watches. The designers of Panerai are King in embedding some heritage in their replica watches. The chrono seconds hand and small chronograph hour hand are in blue, which gives a very nice contrast. It also matches the OP logo on the rubber strap. The central chronograph minute hand is silver, like the regular skeleton hour and minute hands. The small seconds hands has the typical shape for Panerai watches.

The hour, minute and seconds hands that indicate the time are applied with luminous material and work very well during low light or in total darkness.

 Strap and Buckle

The black rubber strap is very comfortable on the wrist, especially during warm or hot weather. I wore the Panerai PAM 615 during this Summer and we had some high temperatures. I don’t like to wear top quality replica watches on leather in warm weather and am actually a guy that prefers bracelets in general. However, the rubber strap is something I could get used to very quickly. I also don’t know what type of leather strap I would put on this Submersible as it is clearly a diving watch. Perhaps a brown strap would do, but be aware that you can’t use a leather strap in the water.

The Panerai Pre-Vendome style buckle is something Panerai re-introduced a few years ago. They used this buckle before the Vendome Group (now Richemont Group) took over in – I believe 1997 – and made Panerai part of their luxury group. Collectors and Paneristi were in favor of the old style (Pre-V) buckle and I guess this led to the decision to re-introduce it again. A wise decision, as I love the Pre-V style buckle as well. The titanium (Trapezoidal) buckle on the Panerai PAM 615 has a nice satin brushed finish and is very unlikely to fail on you. Be aware that it is large though, just like the rest of the watch.

 replica watches better

   Verdict on the Panerai PAM 615

Truth to be told, I had fun with this Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3-Days Chronograph Flyback PAM 615 watch for sure. I am by no means a diver, but I believe only a small percentage of those wearing a divers watch is. It is more about a certain style you prefer or a lifestyle you hold on to. Despite the 47mm diameter of the watch it is quite wearable, but truth to be told I wouldn’t buy this as my only watch. That’s personal of course, and has nothing to do with the quality or the design of the watch.

A chronograph is one of the most convenient complications in my opinion, as I find myself using it quite a bit (compared to other complications). I like to time certain activities like traveling or during cooking, but also like to time certain operations I perform on my computers (large data loads or certain processing of queries). The flyback is of no personal use to me, but I love the extra complication on top of the chronograph.

The one thing that worries me a bit on this Panerai PAM 615 is the price. It has a suggested retail price of  €16.600,- Euro (~ $18,360.- USD). I understand that the Swiss Franc was disconnected from the Euro and that Richemont decided to do some annual price increases nevertheless (it was €15.700,- Euro at the time of introduction January 2015). The demand for Panerai is still impressive (source: Chronolytics.ch), and in Q2 2015 the growth was especially noticeable in the United States, Asia and Australia compared to Q1 2015, so Richemont and Panerai feel no need to slow down on price increases. However, €16.600,- Euro felt quite steep to me, despite the use of an in-house developed column-wheel chronograph movement with flyback function. However, Panerai is also known to keep good value over time. This certainly has to be taken into account when you are in the market for the Panerai PAM 615.

Another thing that surprised me were the scratches on the bezel. You have to know that the watches we receive are mostly samples that are being sent around to journalists, photographers and stylists. Not pointing fingers here but these are not only watch people and might be a bit more reckless with these watches that I am used to. I don’t know what happened to the watch before we received it, but it had two little nasty marks on the bezel as can be seen on the photos. Let’s assume that it did see some hard knocks or a collision with something ‘hard’ as well.cheap replica watches rolex


  • Awesome sporty appearance / design
  • Vintage elements
  • Column-wheel chronograph with Flyback function
  • Comfortable on the wrist, despite the 47mm size
  • High power reserve, especially useful if not worn daily
  • Keeps (market) value


  • High retail replica rolex price
  • Ceramic bezel does get scratched

#TBT-Tag Heuer Replica For Sale Online

There’s always a beginning to the story: something that draws one’s interest to a certain brand. Today’s #TBT relates to that beginning, for me at least, and highlights a popular luxury fake watch for sale in vintage circles outside of just those who admire the brand name on its dial. It’s a watch that has gained interest amongst fans of fdivers, military pieces, movie-related timepieces, and, most commonly, admirers of vintage Seikos. Today’s #TBT is about the vintage Seiko 6105-8110.

The Seiko 6105-8110 is the watch that drew me into vintage Seiko. I can’t quite remember how I stumbled upon it, but I can recall seeing it 4-5 years ago, looking at it on eBay and then moving on to something else. I had not really read enough about Seiko at that time and wasn’t compelled to spend decent money on what I considered to be a fairly pedestrian brand. Somehow, I kept running across the watch on various forums and I decided to start doing some reading. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted one in my collection and set about finding the right example. After a couple months, I located one on the SCWF from a seller in the Philippines (yes, good sellers do exist there) and I made the purchase. The watch then took its time getting through German customs (at least a month) before finally arriving on my desk. Needless to say, I was impressed.

The Seiko 6105 series replaced Seiko’s original professional diver, the 62MAS, in 1968 and was produced until 1977. In its first execution, it was produced with a clean, symmetrical case. About midway through its production cycle, it was replaced by the asymmetrical piece you see here. The case design is notable as it sets the tone for large, slab-like, case to be seen later on the beloved 6306/6309 series. Additionally, it represents Seiko’s first asymmetrical case, creating integrated crown guards that, stylistically, are seen up through today’s SKX007.

The Seiko 6105 comes in at an impressive 44mm in diameter and features a 17 jewel automatic running at 21,600 bph. It has a quick-set date does not hand-wind due to Seiko’s magic lever system. It claims a water resistance of 150 meters and has a bi-directional rotating click bezel. The crystal, as the scratches clearly show, is Seiko’s in-house Hardlex mineral glass. Lug width is 19mm. The crown, in lieu of a screw down method, uses a turn and lock system that is unique to this model; its functionality and longevity was clearly seen as questionable versus traditional screw down crowns. The case-back is screw down per the typical manner.

Finishing on the Seiko 6105 is impressive and uses a matte finish on the top of the case and polishing on the sides. In fact, the case, overall, is impressive. From almost every angle, there’s a lot happening and it has an almost organic, amoebic, feel to it. It’s very 1970’s, but in a good way if that makes any sense. The dial is business-like with applied indices that are filled with lume. It contains minute markers outside of the indices that are mimicked in a chapter ring that slants up towards the crystal. It should be noted that this chapter ring, which was also found on the first execution 6105, is still present today in Seiko’s dive watches. Hands are extremely basic and well designed as rectangles with lume. The sweep seconds hand, though, is where it gets interesting. It’s a basic spear until the endpoint where it’s capped off with a unique shape and what was previously a red-filled dot followed by a dot filled with lume matching the rest of the dial. It’s a hallmark of the model that stands out whether the red has faded beyond recognition or not. One final note regarding the dial is its restraint when it comes to verbiage. Seiko placed its name on the dial using applied chrome and then printed “Automatic”, water resistance and the Suwa symbol in white. It’s a case of “less is more” and is simpler than the 62MAS before it. Finally, the classic Seiko bezel is updated from the 62MAS by introducing a triangle at 12:00. Here again, the same bezel is with us today and is great in its simplicity.

Regarding popular culture, the Seiko 6105 is famous for its presence in Apocalypse Now on the arm of Martin Sheen’s character, Captain Willard. The famous image is easily found by doing a simple search online. Related to this, though, is the fact that the 6105 was somewhat of a popular choice amongst soldiers during the Vietnam War. It was sold in military PX’s and while not cheap, it was certainly less expensive than, say, a Rolex Submariner.

At 44mm in diameter, you’d expect the Seiko 6105 to wear like a behemoth on the wrist, but that simply isn’t the case. Perhaps it’s the soft shape or the slim lug width that helps, but it really wears much closer to 40mm. Speaking of those slim lugs and what lies between them, you’ll notice a rubber strap. However, this is no ordinary rubber strap but a waffle strap that was standard issue on watches such as this. In my opinion, this is the only strap that belongs on this best sale replica watch online. Of course, finding an original strap is problematic as they’re extremely rare, expensive and often damaged. Luckily, seller “wjean” on eBay has fantastic replicas for sale that fit the job. If you end up owning a 6105, I highly recommend buying one of these straps.

Finding a Seiko 6105 is not overly difficult, but finding a good one can be another story altogether. You’ll note from my example that the dial exhibits some characteristic “wabi” or lume rot characteristic of vintage Seikos. However, this example isn’t bad compared to many and it looks authentic compared to the vast majorities that have been refinished. This brings me to an important point; there are loads of 6105’s for sale and most of those have been altered. When it comes to alterations, they range from refinished hands and dials to parts replaced with aftermarket items. A tell-tale sign is the sweep seconds hand; if the colors are too poignant especially when compared to the rest of the dial and hands, something is wrong. You have to be very careful about buying a 6105 and ensure that you are getting something that meets your expectations. I’d generally say that perfect looking pieces are rare as most lived a hard life, but they do exist and are priced as such. Good, solid pieces have now appeared to eclipse the $1,000 mark and excellent pieces are hitting $1,500 and above. The market, at this time, seems to appreciate well-restored and refinished pieces, but, for better or worse, I am a stickler for originality. Another item to check for is crown to ensure it is the original stating “lock” with the rotating arrow. Bezel inserts are also often replaced with aftermarket inlays so do some homework on this as well.

The Seiko 6105 is an iconic watch in the Seiko diver chronology. It has a great case shape paired with an equally fantastic dial design. It was the beginning of my journey down a path of collecting most of the Seiko divers and it still remains as one of my favorites and perhaps the most distinctive. Its appearance in a legendary movie doesn’t hurt either. Feel free to share your thoughts below on this week’s #TBT or on which Seiko diver got you hooked!

Baume & Mercier Promesse Ladies’ Watch Collection

Baume & Mercier has been turning to its extensive best sale replica watch archives to inspire its recent men’s watch collections, such as the Clifton. Last year, the Swiss brand launched a new watch line for ladies that takes its aesthetic cues from past models. The new Baume & Mercier Promesse, now in stores for Mother’s Day, is influenced by a classical model from the 1970s.

Baume & Mercier’s history with women’s watches stretches at least to 1918, when the founding duo of William Baume & Paul Mercier began creating jewelry watches in the Art Deco style of the era. The brand introduced the influential Marquise ladies’ watch, with a bangle bracelet, in the 1950s, and went on to introduce several award-winning models in the 1970s, including the Mimosa, Galaxy, and Stardust.

The 1970s also spawned the ladies’ watch model that most directly influenced the design of the new Promesse collection, which is characterized by the juxtaposition of an oval-shaped bezel inside a soft, round case.

Baume & Mercier historical ladies watch

The Baume & Mercier Promesse collection — Baume & Mercier’s first entirely new ladies’ luxury replica watch line in nearly a decade — consists of 14 total references, in two case sizes (30-mm diameter and 34-mm diameter), and contains models with both Swiss quartz and mechanical automatic movements. They are available with either bracelets, whose curves accentuate those of the polished steel cases, or calfskin leather or satin straps. The oval bezels are either highlighted with mother-of-pearl, capped with 18k rose gold, or set with diamonds. The dials are either decorated with a “drape” guilloché pattern, or carved from mother-of-pearl. Baume & Mercier describes the design aesthetic of the new collection as “a visual interpretation of the ripples produced by a drop of water.”

All the top quality replica watches have Roman numerals at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions and interstitial indices (diamond-set on some models). The Promesse watches with mechanical movements (Ref. 10182, 10183, 10184, 10162, and 10163) all have sapphire exhibition casebacks that display the finely decorated movement, which includes a rotor adorned with côtes de Genève. Prices for the Baume & Mercier Promesse watches, which the brand says will be available at select retailers nationwide starting in September, will start at $1,900.

Baume & Mercier Promesse Ref. 10166 and 10199

Baume & Mercier Promesse Ref. 10162 and 10184

Baume & Mercier Promesse Ref. 10162 - Back

Reviewing the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Unico Ceramic

While Hublot celebrates 10 years of the iconic Big Bang line with a series of 10 unique haute joaillerie Big Bang Unico creations priced at $1 million each, the brand is also releasing a new Big Bang Ferrari Speciale model which is definitely more suited for everyday wear. Available in two editions, black ceramic with red, white and blue details, or gray ceramic with gray and white details, it pays tribute to one of the very best of the Cavalino Rampante’s creations: the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Scroll down to read the review from Monochrome Watches contributor Robin Nooy.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Ceramic Red - 2


The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Ceramic, in either of the two color options, is still a very outspoken watch, not least due to its size. It is not a top quality replica watch for gents who prefer to fly under the radar. When you consider the car that served as its inspiration, this shouldn’t be a surprise: both are quite ostentatious creations in their own right.

The car that inspired the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale

Just for those (like myaself) who are into cars as much as they are watches, the Ferrari 458 Speciale is a beefed-up, “this one goes to 11” version of an already awe-inspiring car. The designation “Speciale” was first assigned to the 458 Italia’s predecessors, the 348, 360 Modena, and F430.

Compared to the stock 458, the Speciale boasts an engine update, aerodynamic upgrades, a cosmetic stripe down the center of the car, and the extended use of weight-saving materials. A 35-bhp increase, a 90-kg drop in weight, and a 1/10-second quicker to 60 mph are the primary results of these adaptations.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Whereas most car manufacturers try to improve from a 6 to a 7, Ferrari tries to go from a 10 to an 11, or even maybe a 12 — always skipping one or two steps to offer a car that seemingly pushes the boundaries of engineering even further and does things that were considered impossible before. Even though the speed vs. power war between sports car manufacturers is an ever-present one, I do feel that the past couple of years, things have moved forward at an extremely fast rate. This is most definitely not a bad thing, because 10 years ago cars like the 458 Speciale and the bonkers LaFerrari (The “Ferrari TheFerrari” according to ex-Top Gear’s James May) wouldn’t have been possible.

However, it does raise an age-old question: where does it all end? Who cares! I’ve got my lotto ticket – if it pays off, I’ll send you a picture of my new car!


Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Ceramic - Duo

Moving from the car to the watch, it’s immediately evident that a lot of design cues from the car have been transferred to the watch. The most obvious would be the matching strap, with either a white-blue or a white-grey racing line from end to end. The same racing line runs along the center of the car, from bumper to bumper, as a clear distinction from the standard 458. Furthermore, the mesh used for the various air-intakes and grills on the 458 Speciale are mimicked on the dial, a trick we have seen on more than one occasion with racing- or car-inspired watches. To set off this limited-edition piece even more, a polished prancing horse has been placed upon the dial, and one of the pushers features a Ferrari logo in red or gray.

The 45-mm-wide case is constructed from black ceramic, with a satin or polished finish on various surfaces. The black ceramic bezel features six trademark H-shaped screws in black titanium, with a red composite-resin lower bezel. The highly scratch-resistant material Hublot uses is a zirconium-oxide mixture. Starting with a powder, pigments are added to obtain a certain color, after which the mixture is injected into a mold, which is then baked under intense heat and pressure, and then pressed into a pre-formed cast. The result is a material that is extremely hard and durable. Hublot is also exploring new varieties or composites with ceramic, for instance bright red or yellow ceramic or their Magic Gold composite claiming to be the only scratch-resistant gold alloy in existence.

The engine:

Inside the black or grey case ceramic case you will find the HUB 1241 Unico automatic flyback chronograph movement, developed in-house by Hublot. The story behind the movement is quite interesting, finding its roots in the now-defunct movement specialist BNB Concept. Parts of BNB Concept’s assets were purchased by Hublot’s Jean Claude Biver, including its machinery and its lead designer, Mathias Buttet. One of the results of the partial takeover is Hublot’s in-house-made Unico movement, developed to replace and reduce the number of outsourced Valjoux 7750 movements used in Hublot timepieces.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Ceramic - Red - Caseback

The HUB 1241 Unico movement is made up of 331 components. It measures 30 mm in diameter and 8 mm in thickness. It operates at a rate of 28,900 vph and has 72 hours of power reserve. The movement has a 60-minute chronograph with a flyback function, allowing the counter to snap back to 12 o’clock instantly after resetting the chronograph. It also includes a skeletonized date wheel, visible through the date window at 3 o’clock. A nice touch is the yellow piece beneath the window, in the same color used for the Ferrari logo. The yellow is the official color of the city of Modena, Italy, the birthplace of the brand. Of course, both front and back are covered by sapphire crystal, and the caseback allows a big view onto the movement and the wheel-like rotor — another hint, albeit a more subtle one, to the car that inspired the best sale replica  watch for sale design.

Concluding words:

The Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 458 Speciale Ceramic comes on a black rubber and red or gray leather strap and includes a separate black leather strap. Both color versions are limited to 250 pieces, and are available at a price of 24,800 euros.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Speciale Ceramic - Grey - 2

Ferrari is one of the most prestigious, if not the most prestigious, car manufactures that a watch brand could partner with. Its fanbase – for both road cars as well as its racing team — is one of the most devoted such followings in the world. Over the past few decades, the link between Ferrari and high-end watches has been as hair-raising to cheap replica watch as a Formula 1 race. Hublot made its initial splash in the early 80’s with its then-unprecedented rubber-clad sport watches – but the brand really did not get the attention it deserved until that grandmaster of the watch industry, the inimitable Mr. Biver, took to the helm and quickly made Hublot into a cultural phenomenon with its porthole shaped cases. It is nice to finally see the elite carmaker paired up with a watchmaker that can match the brand, not just in styling and performance, but also in the luxury and pride of ownership.

Hands-On With the Devon Tread 2

The Devon Tread 1, the brainchild of Southern California-based designer Scott Devon, is a watch about which I had heard much positive buzz over the past few years, but one with which I had little in the way of actual experience. With WatchTime’s emphasis on mechanical Swiss-made (and yes, some German-made and Japanese-made) timepieces, this highly unorthodox, made-in-the-USA brand had gotten lost in the shuffle — until recently, when I received the opportunity to get my hands on the new Devon Tread 2, the follow-up to the Tread 1, which incorporates several design and technical upgrades as well as a chronograph function.

Devon Tread 2 - wrist

What made the Devon Tread 1 such a fascinating piece of horological high-tech — and a finalist in the Best Design and Concept Watch categories at the Geneva Grand Prix, the first American discount fake watch for sale brand ever to attain such an honor — was its patented “Time Belts” movement technology, which employed a system of tiny fiberglass-reinforced nylon belts to indicate the time. The technology behind these fibrous belts (just 1/1000th-inch thick) is taken directly from the aviation industry, in which they are used to indicate vital stats like air speed and fluid levels on cockpit instrumentation boards. Reading the time on the belts is easy and quite intuitive: Hour digits scroll by on the horizontal belt while minutes tick away on the vertical one.

Devon Tread 2 Movement

The Devon Tread’s “hybrid” system uses belts mounted on a central chassis and driven by two tiny microstep motors which, in addition to all the watch’s other functions, are directed by a minuscule computer called a microcontroller. It’s definitely not your traditional mechanical watch (there is no mainspring; energy is stored in a lithium-polymer battery pack), but definitely not your run-of-the-mill, quartz-controlled electronic watch either.

As one might expect, the power reserve of the Devon is impressive — a full 14 days after receiving a full charge from the high-tech “charging cradle” built into the cheap replica watch box (a dark tower of a device that brings to mind the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey). For the Devon Tread 2, its inventor made some small revisions to the original — eight industrial-looking screws to fasten the bezel to the case, replacing the Tread 1’s complex bracket system, a more “knife-edged” look for the articulating lever on the side of the case, a more integrated strap-to-case connection — and one major one, the addition of the chronograph.


Devon Tread 2 Shining - soldier

Devon Tread 2 Shining - Back

Charging the watch, through the use of electromagnetic induction, takes a few hours, but as mentioned previously, once its battery is fully powered up, you’re good to go for about two weeks — certainly a boon for anyone who chooses to wear this timepiece (as I did) on a long overseas trip and does not want to carry the somewhat bulky case/charging device with him on the journey. In fact, you can make the power reserve last even longer than that by simply switching the watch to its “off” position: press the pusher on the right and the belts will cycle from the current time to a default mode that displays how many hours are left in the power reserve. When you switch the watch back on, the belts will move back to the correct current time. Also, thanks to the clear sapphire dial, which enables a view into the high-mech wonderland of the movement (it would not surprise most that Scott Devon started out in automotive design), switching on and off makes for a dynamic tableau, as the wearer witnesses the gears and belts zipping around into place.

Despite the somewhat intimidating size of the tonneau-shaped case, the watch is very comfortable on the wrist — the black rubber strap helps — and despite its “sporty-techie” look, I found that it paired up as well with a dark suit as it did with casual clothes. (Interestingly, while wearing the Tread 2 amongst a crowd of watch aficionados, more than one of my peers asked if I was wearing a Richard Mille upon seeing the case’s distinctive shape peeking out from my shirt cuff.)

Devon Tread 2 - standing

The Devon Tread 2 is, of course, an attention-getter of a timepiece, due to its size and very unusual look. If you’re like me, you’ll actually enjoy demonstrating to curious strangers how it works, i.e., how the belts move from power-saving mode to timekeeping mode at the press of a button. It’s also, at times, a very audible watch: the telltale click of the hour change — say, when 11:59 switches over to 12 noon — could act as a reminder, or a quiet alarm, for wearers who tend to lose track of time.

Devon Tread 2 - side-view

However, if you’re planning to use the chronograph function — which is activated by shifting the watch into chrono mode by means of the articulating lever, then pressing on the crown’s center button to start and stop — be prepared to draw attention from those in immediate earshot. The ticking of the chronograph seconds is crisp and loud. It’s probably best not to activate the stopwatch when you’re in an important business meeting or attending a church service. Engaging the lever in the opposite direction puts the top quality replica watch in yet another mode, in which the minutes belt functions instead as an indicator for the running seconds. Again, this will mean your watch will tick very audibly every second (and also will drain the power faster), so you may want to use this mode sparingly.

Devon Tread 2 - side

Devon Tread 2 - back

In summation, I found the Devon Tread 2 to be both a fun “novelty” timepiece as well as one I was proud to show off in watch-enthusiast circles. Serious gearheads whose tag heuer replica watch tastes lean toward the exotic, and aficonados of the steampunk look, will probably appreciate it even more so. While I’m not sure it would ever become an everyday watch, I very much appreciated my time with it — and can’t help but be very intrigued by what the brand might have in store for us in upcoming Devon Tread models.

The Devon Tread 2 model I reviewed, with the full brushed stainless steel case, is nicknamed “Shining” and priced at $10,950. Five other models, with progressively scarier nicknames and all priced at $11,450, are also available: Starry Night (steel case, black DLC bezel), Nightmare (steel case with black DLC coating, black belts with gray numerals), Bloody Mary (black DLC case, red numerals and black belts, black anodized movement), and Murder (steel with black DLC coating and red accents, red numerals on black belts). A white ceramic-case version, nicknamed “Ghost,” is also planned, with price yet to be determined.

Devon Tread 2 - in hand

Scenes From the WatchTime/F.P. Journe Collectors’ Event in Miami

Miami’s most ultra-luxe shopping destination played host to a lively gathering of avid swiss replica watch collectors, and a rare U.S. appearance by a watch-industry rock star, on June 8, as WatchTime and F.P. Journe co-hosted an exclusive cocktail and dinner event at the brand’s boutique in the Bal Harbour Shops.

More than a dozen watch aficionados and fans of the F.P. Journe brand were in attendance, along with myself and WatchTime’s event manager, Minda Larsen; the manager and staff of the F.P. Journe boutique; Montres Journe U.S. brand director, Pierre Halimi; and of course, the guest of honor and main attraction, company founder and namesake Francois-Paul Journe. The French independent watchmaker, who created his first watch in 1983 and founded his eponymous brand in 1999, posed for photos with guests, showed and discussed his latest watch releases (including the F.P. Journe Elegante, the brand’s first dedicated ladies’ watch collection, which made its official U.S. debut at the event), and autographed copies of F.P. Journe: The First 30 Years by Kiran Shikar, a 214-page hardcover reference book tracing his life and career.

Guests enjoyed wine, Champagne, and a deliciously decadent assortment of sushi and sashimi during the cocktail hour, while hobnobbing with fellow collectors, trying on best sale replica watches, and snapping selfies with Journe and each other. Afterward, because a night of haute horlogerie demands haute cuisine, the small crowd migrated downstairs to Makato, a high-end Japanese restaurant in the Bal Harbour Shops, where guests dined on a multi-course, family-style meal while sipping Chablis and Chateauneuf-du-Pâpe. Scroll down for photos from the evening’s festivities, and keep watching WatchTime.com for my Q&A with Journe, in which we discuss how the Elegante collection came about and what sets it apart from all other ladies’ watches from luxury brands.

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 8

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 5

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 16

F.P. Journe Bal Harbour Boutique Event - 18

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 3

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 4

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 7

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 9

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 10

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 11

F.P. Journe Bal Harbour Boutique Event - 17

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 12

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 2

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 13

FP Journe Bal Harbour Boutique event - 15

Hublot F1 King Power Austin

Hublot is celebrating the return of Formula 1 to the United States by unveiling their latest King Power luxury fake watch. The penultimate Grand Prix of the season will take place in the new “Circuit of the Americas” built in Austin, Texas, so Hublot, as the Official Watch of Formula 1, has named their new watch the F1 King Power Austin. Like the previous King Power Great Britain model, the design of this watch is inspired by Formula 1, with its carbon and titanium bezel having a perforated effect resembling a high-tech brake disc. The strap is made from black Hornback alligator leather, with red stitching to match the color of the dial. The top quality replica watch is powered by the Hublot HUB4100 automatic movement and has a power reserve of 42 hours. It will be limited to only 250 numbered pieces.

5 Limited-Edition replica Omega Watches Made for the Olympic Games

For many years, Omega has served as the official timekeeper of the Olympic games. In addition to its timing duties, Omega often releases timepieces celebrating the games and the nations that host them. For last year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Omega introduced the Omega Sochi Petrograd, which we covered here. Below, we take a look at five other Omega discount fake watches (in most cases, exclusive and extremely limited) made specifically for the Olympic games.

Among Omega’s other new models commemorating the 2014 Sochi games is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean “Sochi 2014.” The men’s version, shown here, comes in a 45.5 mm stainless steel case. As a tribute to the Russian flag, minutes 1 through 5 are lacquered in blue; minutes 6 through 10 are lacquered in red.


Among its collection of watches marking the London 2012 Olympics, Omega released the Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial “London 2012″ Limited Edition. In addition to honoring the 2012 games, the luxury fake watch commemorated the 1948 Olympics, which were held in London the same year that Omega launched the first Seamaster.

OMEGA Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial “London 2012” Limited Edition

For the 2010 Vancouver Games, Omega released this limited-edition Seamaster with a bezel in maple-leaf red.

Omega’s Limited Edition Seamaster for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010


As part of its collection for the 2008 Beijing games, Omega released the Countdown 0 – Seamaster XXIX Limited Edition. The watch was a Beijing exclusive, available only during the Olympic Games. Only 88 were sold per day during the games.

Countdown 0 - Seamaster XXIX Limited Edition

Part of the Limited Edition Torino 2006 Olympic Collection, this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Column-Wheel Chronograph featured the five Olympic rings as the counterweight on the seconds hand. The top quality replica watch was a limited edition of 2006 pieces.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Column-Wheel Chronograph from the  Limited Edition Torino 2006 Olympic Collection

Omega has already introduced its special watch for the upcoming 2016 games in Rio de Janeiro.